Frequently Asked Questions

Legal aspects

THE LAND– The land has an area of 34,000 m2 (approx. 8.5 acres) with approx. 160 meters (approx. 528 feet) of outstanding sandy beach. The development was constructed in four stages by Aldeas San Clemente, S.A. de C.V. & Terra Sud Resorts de México, S.A. de C.V.

THE DEVELOPMENT – The official land-use plan for the site stipulates 50 bathrooms per hectare (20 bathrooms per acre). The development has 76 condominium in four buildings, each with 3 floors.This low density complex ensures an up-scale, peaceful and spacious community.

THE PERMITS – The Residencias Reef  development has obtained the following permits:

  • The land use plan and environmental impact report from the Federal Environment Ministry.
  • The land use permit from the municipality (City hall)
  • The building permit from the municipality for the entire development.
  • The concession permit for the federal beach area (zona federal maritima)

THE DEVELOPMENT STRUCTURE – The total land area of 34,000 m2 is placed in a Master Condominium (Condominio Maestro), and the land and construction of each building is in a separate Zone Condominium (Condominio de Zona).

The Master Condominium has the following attributes:

Definition of land-use.
  Definition of: 
                   a) Common areas and buildings for use and enjoyment of all owners.

                   b) Easements for roads, utilities and pathways.


Procedures for equitable distribution of costs for maintenance of private and of common areas.
Provisions for control and enforcement for the Master Condominium provisions. 

Each building stands on defined land area, which, together with the constructions, constitutes a Secondary Zone Condominium (Condominio de Zona)

Each owner will have a direct title, or, for foreigners, Trust rights (derechos fideicomisarios) to the specific apartment unit within the Secondary Zone Condominium, with rights and obligations identical to a title deed. Such Trust rights are fully transferable, registered with the Trustee and the Public Registry of Property, and may be pledged or mortgaged.

Mexican and foreign individuals, corporations or family trusts, may own the trust rights.

Each transfer of Title or Trust rights is recorded in a Trust deed, and cost (transfer tax, notarial recording and fiduciary registry, etc) can be estimated at between 6% and 7% depending on purchase price of the declared value, which has to be supported by an official appraisal.
A description of “The Fideicomiso in Mexico” is available through the internet for a full explanation.

THE DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS AND COMMUNITY RULES – Are enshrined in the Condominium documents An English version is available.

BANK TRUSTEE FEES – These can vary depending on the bank chosen.  The Trustee Bank services are offered by all major banks (Sccotia Bank, Banamex, HSBC, BBVA Bancomer, etc).  

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE FEES – cover the following services, with exclusion of any costs within the private area of the apartment:

  • Staffing payroll, food and uniforms for security, administrative, maintenance, and gardening personal         
  • Security 24 hrs.  
  • Licenses (operational)
  • Office expenses
  • Cleaning supplies  (common areas)
  • Garden supplies
  • Water
  • Cleaning of septic tanks
  • Electricity (common areas)
  • Fumigation (common areas)
  • Pool supplies and maintenance
  • General area maintenance: internal roads, plumbing, wood (bridge, decks, palapas, etc.) 
  • General property and liability insurance (includes hurricane insurance, fire insurance, with a deductible of 10%).  
  • Monthly fees for a one bedroom unit are around $350.00 per month, two bedrooms $635.00 plus 11% IVA tax.

A committee of owners will approve the fee amounts. Each condominium pays, according to its size in the total project.

A separate Management company (Playa  Sur Condominium, A.C.) has administered the condominiums since July 1st 2005.

Property Taxes –Are levied on an annual basis by the Municipality. It´s based on the property value, plus filling cost, thus the annual tax for a one bedroom apartment is around U.S.$350 per year, including garbage taxes  or around U.S.$30 per month for the year 2009.  

Public amenities

ENTRANCE TO THE DEVELOPMENT – A landscaped, illuminated entrance, leading to a security gatehouse, including a barrier gate.

ROADWAYS – The roads from the secondary highway to the gatehouse and to the internal roads, are made with local compressed limestone – sascab, with a final surface of granzon, (a fine gravel for a natural surface look).

All main roads are 6 meters (20 feet) wide.

BEACH CLUB – Linked to the buildings by footpaths, the beach club offers a spectacular central location, just 30 meters (100 feet) from the sea. There is a shady gazebo, large sun deck, bar with restrooms and a 22 meter long fan-shaped tiled and heated pool, with jacuzzi.             

A second pool, shady gazebo and sun deck is located in front of building 3.

BEACH PALAPAS–There are six palapas for shade, in front of the pool area on the beach.

 LANDSCAPING–Local plants introduced to create a lush tropical atmosphere with low maintenance irrigation.

ADMINISTRACION OFFICE -Is located adjacent to the main entrance.


WATER –Is properly supplied by CAPA, the municipal water system, however, each building has a basement storage cistern, with capacity of 4 days of reserve.  The water is safe for general use. We recommend bottled water for drinking and food preparation.

WASTE WATER TREATMENT –Is provided by a state of the art treatment plant.

ELECTRICITY –Is provided by medium-tension lines by the CFE (the state-owned Federal Electricity Commission) from the power line on the South Highway of the Island.

Each condominium has its own individual electricity meter, and consumption of energy for public areas (lighting, pumps, etc.) is included in the maintenance budget.

In the kitchens, only electric appliances are allowed (stove, washer, dryer, etc.)  For security reasons, no gas will be used.

TELEPHONE –Each condominium owner has to contract the number of telephone lines required.

User rates in Mexico are now internationally competitive, and international phone credit card services are available via any telephone at no cost.  We recommend the use of high speed satellite internet for low cost international calls.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL -Is picked up daily from the entrance of your condominium.

Condominium specifications

The buildings have been designed and engineered entirely by local Cozumel professionals who are thoroughly acquainted with local climate and building regulations, to ensure a resistant, low maintenance structure in harmony with the Island’s ecology and flora:

Architectural design + supervision.      Arq. Juan González Angulo
Engineering + technical supervision.   Arq. Roberto Marroquín Sámano

BUILDINGS – Each of the 4 buildings is self-contained with its own reserve water tank, individual storage or locker rooms (except studio units) and parking. Each building consists of three floors; with stairs in colonial stone “cantera” leading to the second and third levels.
FOUNDATIONS – Perimeter wall linked by reinforced concrete beams.
STRUCTURE – Steel – reinforced concrete, with prefabricated concrete beam floors. All walls are in 15 cm (6 inch) blocks. The structure meets all hurricane-building codes.
CEILING HEIGHT – 2.70 meters (9 feet)
ROOFS – A combination of flat solaria and reinforced concrete roof.
BALCONIES – Are very deep (up to 4 meters or 13 feet). The balconies have a perimeter bench 50cm. wide and 45 cm. high (20×18 inches), which acts as a base and seating, with a wide rail (25cm. or 10 inches) made of mahogany.
FLOORS – Ceramic tile is standard, in 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inch).
WINDOWS – (10 cm, 4 inch) white anodized aluminum frames, from floor to ceiling. 6mm clear glass windows.
ENTRANCE DOOR – Is made of mahogany wood.  All interior doors and closets are made of treated mahogany veneer.
PARKING – Parking space is sufficient for owner and renter use.
BATHROOMS  – Have bath tub and shower, or shower only.
KITCHEN  –  Integrated wood cabinets with granite counters.
AIR CONDITIONING – Individual mini-split units are in each bedroom and living room area, with individual controls (compressor on the building roof).  Temperature controls in each room.
FANS – Ceiling outlets are installed in interior and balconies.
ELECTRICITY – Individual meter per condominium, located on one common meter board per building.
WATER HEATER – Individual electric heater in each condominium.
INTERPHONE –  Connected to the securiry gatehouse. 24 hour security service.                                                  
TELEPHONE + CABLE T.V.  – Services to be individually contracted by owner.


There are several highly professional rental agencies on the Island, which offer sophisticated marketing programs.



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